Custom Tile Shims

Built With Foam is your supplier for custom foam shower bases, tile shims, curbs, and more! Most orders are made and shipped the same day right to your job site. UPC & IAPMO certified. Our foam works with every industry-accepted waterproofing system. Easy to order, Easy to install.

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Built With Foam

Built With Foam is a proud US Veteran owned business based in Houston, Texas.

As former contractors, we know what makes a successful job. With a combined 90+ years of experience in the building trades including tile installation, high-end homes, historic properties, and commercial spaces, our team is ready to help you.

Over our decades in the industry, we’ve witnessed the evolution and prevalence of foam products on the job site. Not only is custom foam cheaper as a building material, but it can also cut down on labor, substantially speed up projects timelines, and can remove a lot of the typical hurdles faced daily. We’ve put our experience into designing and manufacturing quality products that can make the lives of our fellow tradesmen and tradeswomen much easier.

Exclusive Products

Our exclusive Tub Arch™, Shower Arch™, Tub Dome™, Shower Dome™, products eliminate the need for complicated, time consuming, and expensive framing along with the usual jobsite “discussions” that inevitably happen.

Tile Shims

Better than plastic shims, our tile shims fit better on the stud edge without need to stack or deal with slipping tiles. Our tile shims are also superior to drywall shims, eliminating the need for accordion folds and staple guns.

Why EPS...

Built With Foam is your one-stop shop to bring any construction or remodeling vision to life through the power of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), a rigid, high-density foam plastic that is completely customizable, lightweight, moisture-resistant, durable, easy-to-install, and cost-effective.

Not only is EPS perfect as a substrate for bath tile and stone, it can be used to create furniture and architectural detail for any room of the home or application at a fraction of the cost of traditional wood framing.

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Foam is not limited to the items on our menu. Unleash your imagination to find new ways foam can be used to expand what you can do. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about building with foam, either as a DIYer or licensed tradesperson.

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